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A unique combination of taste and luxury – Nova 45, your new oasis of enjoyment and peace

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If you’ve been in Belgrade for a while, you’re certainly familiar with the bustling and charming streets of the Old Town. The city’s central part is the host to the world-famous Kalemegdan fortress and the renowned bohemian quarter – Skadarlija. If fun and parties are what you’re after, this is the right place for you.

However, if you’re in Belgrade to do business, the chances are that the road will take you across one of Belgrade’s many bridges and Serbia’s financial and business center – New Belgrade. Architects organized this part of the city in a grid, with wide boulevards and many business complexes and residential blocks with ample amenities like parks and schools.

New Belgrade Is Hectic

Unlike the more laid-back Old Town (which takes inspiration from its long Ottoman era), New Belgrade was built to be fast-paced, business-oriented, and always active and dynamic. Divided into blocks, crisscrossed with well-trafficked boulevards, New Belgrade is relatively easy to navigate. It was ideal for businesses but a little less so for people who want a serene life, but that is rapidly changing. Just ask your realtor.

Until now, you had to choose between being close to the business center and enjoying the peace and quiet in your downtime. Fortunately, Belgrade is a city that never stops changing and never stops evolving.

Luxury Realtors Call It Your Little Oasis of Peace

Nova 45, the brand new condominium in New Belgrade, has been built for just the kind of modern business people who don’t ever want to be too far from their office and work, but, at the same time, value their privacy and downtime, with plenty of activities planned.

One of the best and most attractive aspects of Nova 45 is its location. It was built in the eponymous Block 45, dubbed the “Sunny Block”.

That should tell you all you need to know about your new surroundings, but allow us to paint you a more vivid picture. 

Situated on the banks of the river Sava, the more tranquil of Belgrade’s two rivers, surrounded by wooded parks and the quay, this residential building is perfectly placed to give you access to a variety of outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling, kayaking, or enjoying the natural surroundings in one of many cafes.

All the while, you’re just minutes away from the busiest and most important business and banking centers. And the best part is that the Sunny Block is amazingly connected with all parts of Belgrade via public transport, including trams, buses, taxis, and a well-developed network of roads if you prefer to drive.

Luxury apartments - Nova 45


Premium Living Means Premium Materials

This premier condominium is designed to deliver the high-quality and most sought-after materials available. Investing in real estate is a profitable and enticing proposition in Serbia’s growing market, especially in Belgrade. However, it is paramount that you ensure that you’re getting the build quality you are paying for.

Compared to the older homes in Serbia, Nova 45 is built from the ground up to be as energy-efficient as possible. At the same time, the design was guided by the comfort and quality of life of the residents.

Aluminum and wood are combined for all doors and windows, creating the best of both worlds – the effectiveness of aluminum and the pleasant look and feel of wood. Similarly, bathrooms and kitchens are lined with the premier ceramics imported from Spain and Italy.


Nova 45


Layout and Future Plans

This condominium construction started in 2018 and was finalized in early 2020, with the first residents arriving in March that year. The first phase consists of 85 apartments and lofts of various sizes and layouts. 

However, Nova 45 is envisioned as a twin tower complex – and works are on the way to make the vision a reality. The construction of the second phase of the complex started in October 2020 and is expected to be finalized by Q2 of next year. It will be somewhat smaller, with 50 apartment units, 7 business apartments, three retail spaces, and enough office space for four companies.

Is Nova 45 For Me?

Think to yourself, are you the kind of person who enjoys the finer things in life? Are you enthusiastic about leading an active and healthy life? Do you enjoy your peace and being surrounded by nature? But, at the same time, are you driven to succeed in business?

If that’s you, there’s finally a place built just for you. Welcome home, welcome to Nova 45. 

Turaquadra is the exclusive sales agent for Nova 45 condominium complex offering 1-Br to 4-Br apartments with prices starting from 121.414 euros, VAT included. Please get in touch for more details. 

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